10 Craziest Food Festivals Around the World

Mammoth Omelet Celebration 

Legend has it that Napoleon delighted in the omelet he had in Bessieres, France so much that the following morning he requested each egg around the local area be broken to set up a goliath omelet for his troops. Bessieres carries on the custom right up 'til today, with a 15,000-egg omelet, for the most part at Easter. A few different urban communities with French legacy have their very own omelet celebrations every year too, including Abbeville, Louisiana, which celebrates with a 5,000-egg omelet in October. 

La Tomatina 

Charged as the world's greatest tomato battle, Bunol in Spain's Valencia locale has been facilitating La Tomatina since the 1940s. On the off chance that you need to take an interest, plan your trek to Spain for August. 


The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences' Annual Bugfest, each September, includes the prominent Cafe Insecta where celebration goers can test an assortment of culinary treats highlighting – you got it – creepy crawlies. 

Olney Pancake Race 

Legend has it that inhabitants of Olney, England have been running a yearly flapjack race on Shrove Tuesday since 1445. A 400-yard kept running by the town's 

ladies while conveying flapjacks in cast iron container, the race has formed into a worldwide challenge, with a second race keep running in Liberal, Kansas around the same time. Different exercises incorporate kids' races and a flapjack lunch. 

Chinchilla Melon Festival 

Melon skiing, melon ironman, melon bungee, pip (seed) spitting and melon hurling are only a couple of the occasions included in February's yearly Melon Festival in Chinchilla, Australia. 

Gilroy Garlic Festival 

The focal point of Gilroy, California's pre-fall Garlic Festival is Gourmet Alley, highlighting an outside kitchen with a colossal flame where culinary specialists get ready garlicky dishes including garlic-bound calamari, garlic fries and garlic bread. Far from the blazes, you can even discover garlic frozen yogurt. 

Night of the Radishes 

In this yearly cutting challenge every December in Oaxaca, Mexico, nearby craftsmans cut expound scenes from goliath radishes. Since the radishes are short-lived, a great part of the workmanship has a life expectancy of only a couple of hours, so rivalry to see as well as can be expected be exceptional. 

Maine Lobster Festival 

Love lobster? How does 20,000 pounds of it sound? That is how much lobster gets eaten the primary few days of August at Rockland Maine's yearly Lobster Festival. Other famous celebration occasions incorporate the ocean goddess crowning ceremony, a motorcade and a foot race crosswise over lobster containers weaving in the water. 

Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling 

In this yearly occasion each May, a nine-pound wheel of Double Gloucester cheddar is moved down Cooper's Hill in Brockworth, England (close Gloucester) and afterward pursued by competitors endeavoring to get it, no little accomplishment as the wheel can achieve paces of up to 70 miles for every hour. 

Skirmish of the Oranges 

A three-day nourishment battle dating to the Middle Ages, the yearly Battle of the Oranges happens just before Mardi Gras every year in Ivrea, Italy, only north of Turin. Amid the fight, townspeople, isolated into nine formally dressed squads, toss oranges at assaulting adversaries who arrive – in protection by means of truck in the focal point of town.