Brewers: Making Sense of the Suprising Orlando Arcia Trade

Orlando Arcia was exchanged by the Brewers early this evening to the Atlanta Braves for two pitchers. On paper, this arrangement may not bode well, yet there are possible positives to this exchange for the two sides. 

In a to some degree amazing move, the Brewers made an exchange, sending Orlando Arcia, a drawn out infield installation, to the Atlanta Braves for two pitchers. 

Arcia, 26, has two years of group control left, and was pressed from beginning shortstop to a utility job coming into this season. Orlando is an alluring person with an incredible clubhouse presence, he had numerous significant minutes in the group, fun shenanigans, and a top choice of any camera. Anyway he couldn't satisfy the top possibility charging he had when he entered the association at 21. 

The issue at hand had been obvious to everyone with respect to Arcia since the Brewers exchanged for Luis Urias in November of 2019. Coronavirus and wounds purchased Arcia one more year, however the move was finished after Urias won the beginning position in camp. 

In return for Arcia the Brewers get a couple of pitchers, Patrick Weigel, and Chad Sobotka. 

Weigel, the Braves twelfth best possibility, is 26 and has just had a short stretch in the Majors in 2020. gives Wiegel a 45 evaluation in general, with a 60 evaluation fastball, a 55 evaluation slider, 50 evaluation curve, and 50 evaluation changeup. Weigel is yet to acquire a full time part in the Majors, however he investigates as all the more a warm up area arm, who has conflicting order on occasion. Weigel has one choice leftover. 

Sobotka turns 28 in July, and has shown up in his vocation with Atlanta, with a 5.36 ERA, 1.47 WHIP, and a FIP of 4.92. He reports to have an or more fastball, normal slider, and sub optimal changeup and order. He has a vocation 28.8% K%, while his BB% is 14.2%. He has a choice excess. Back in 2019, Sobotka was in the 90th percentile with fastball speed, and 94th percentile in fastball turn. 

This exchange may appear to be somewhat aggravating, as the Brewers don't especially require really pitching, particularly doubtful pitching. In any case, in the course of the last couple of seasons, the Brewers have shown a capacity to distinguish gifted pitchers, and get the best out of them. 

Arcia's days in Milwaukee seemed, by all accounts, to be numbered after Luis Urias was gotten, and Atlanta at last made a proposition David Stearns couldn't afford to ignore. 

Infield was a place of colossal profundity for Milwaukee, Daniel Robertson was filling in as a utility infielder behind Arcia on the profundity graphs, and Zach Green is presently in the minors anticipating a call up whenever given the opportunity. 

This exchange isn't an auction, this isn't the Brewers tapping out. David Stearns told the press that Arcia had been on the square for some time. The Braves allegedly see him as a profundity piece, and optioned him to the minors immediately. 

Eventually, this isn't the final product the group had expected with Arcia, notwithstanding, he gets a chance to begin new with a group that is prepared to fight, and the Brewers two or three pitchers who have great stuff, and the chance to form into significant patrons during the long season.