In Australia, Mustangs Are Called Holden HSV Utes

The HSV Maloo R8 is one of the most potent performance cars ever built in Australia but with great power comes great responsibility and evidently, the driver of this particular example isn’t particularly responsible.

This dashcam footage was recently shared to both TikTok and Reddit and shows what can go wrong if you’re a little too happy with the throttle on a Maloo. The video indicates it was filmed on January 30, 2019 but it’s unclear if that date is correct.

The Maloo in question can be seen sitting at a set of traffic lights next to a grey Audi RS3 Sportback. When the light turns green, the driver of the Audi hits the throttle, quickly accelerating ahead of the HSV. Seemingly eager to try and keep up with the all-wheel drive RS3 in the damp conditions, the Maloo driver mashes the throttle, instantly spinning up the ute’s rear wheels.

However, before the driver was able to control the wheelspin, the Maloo’s rear-end suddenly steps out, sending the car careening up a curb and into a power pole. The force of the impact sends the ute into a 360-degree spin before it comes to a rest in the middle of the road.

The front half of the driver’s side took the brunt of the impact and parts such as the bumper can be seen getting torn from the ute. It seems plausible that some mechanical damage was also done to the car.


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