Is Steph Curry's Birth Name Wardell Curry?

Is Steph Curry's Birth Name Wardell Curry?


NBA star Steph Curry is perhaps the most notable competitors on the planet. So when a columnist tended to an inquiry to the Golden States Warrior watch in January 2021 utilizing the main name "Wardell," fans were taken a little asleep. Obviously, no one was as shocked as Steph Wardell himself: While Curry is seldom alluded to as Wardell, this is his certifiable original name. Curry was conceived March 14, 1988, as Wardell Stephen Curry II. 

As demonstrated by the "II" above, Curry is a family name. Steph was named after his dad, Wardell Stephen Curry, who is vastly improved known by the name Dell Curry. Dell, as Steph, was additionally a NBA player. 

In 2018, after the introduction of Curry's child, the NBA star said that he and his significant other, Ayesha, discussed naming the infant kid Wardell Stephen Curry III. The couple ultimately arrived on the name Canon, yet kept Wardell as their child's center name. 

NBC News announced: 

At the point when they took in their third kid would be a kid, Canon returned to their brains. The Warriors star additionally discussed naming his child Wardell Stephen Curry III to proceed with the family convention, while nicknaming him Trey. 

"We pondered that," Steph stated, "however Ayesha has four or five individuals in her family who are named Trey. I needed to have something extraordinary." 

He proceeded: "Standard just stuck. I passed down his granddad's name through his center name to keep the family ties there." 

Standard's complete name is Canon Wardell Jack Curry. 

While fans (and most journalists) know the three-time NBA champion as Steph, the b-ball star said that a portion of his dear companions actually allude to him by his original name. 

USA Today composed: 

His genuine name is Wardell Stephen Curry II. 

In a Warriors World Q and A, he says that he was named after his dad, and despite the fact that he is broadly known as "Stephen" or "Steph," his dear companions actually allude to him by his original name.