Justin Thomas says Tiger Woods assisted him with recovering structure in the midst of troublesome beginning to 2021

The Thomas and Tiger association couldn't be more grounded. 

Justin Thomas said he was on a descending winding from the get-go in 2021, feeling like he "woke up on some unacceptable side of the bed" each day: First, a live mic discovered Thomas articulating a gay slur after a missed putt during a competition in January, at that point his granddad kicked the bucket in February. 

Thomas, requiring direction and counsel, gone to Tiger Woods — and afterward Woods was in the overwhelming fender bender in late February. 

"I realized Tiger had a shoot on Monday and Tuesday in LA, so I was going to stand by until he completed that," Thomas told ESPN. "What's more, I was going to connect with him on Tuesday night like, 'Hello, fella, just lemme know when you get back home, similar to I simply need to call you, I'm not in a decent spot, and I simply need to talk. 

"I was actually similar to … when is stuff going to quit going so awful this year?" 

Thomas ultimately had a conversation with Woods, with his companion offering a couple of expressions of guidance that in the end apparently prodded Thomas back into top conflict. 

"What sort of hit the nail on the head for me, is, when things aren't working out in a good way, he resembles, 'You need to go sort it out. No offense to your father, no offense to your caddie, you need to go out without help from anyone else, you're a developed man, and go sort it out.'" 

The following end of the week, Thomas procured his first success of 2021. 

Woods keeps on recuperating from the disaster area, which specialists say was brought about by speeding. 

Thomas is one of the top choices to win the 2021 Masters, close by Dustin Johnson, who won the 2020 competition.