Mayhem On Californian Freeway After Disabled Car Leads To Multi-Vehicle Pileup And Plenty Of Close Calls

A scary multicar accident was caught on video in California late last month.

As the clip begins, an older Nissan Altima can be seen parked on the 110 freeway in the early morning hours of November 30th. The vehicle was reportedly involved in a collision and you can see extensive damage to the front wheel.


It remains unclear why the vehicle’s hazard lights weren’t activated, but the videographer attempted to warn oncoming motorists with flashing lights and a spotlight aimed at the disabled vehicle. While this was wise thinking on their part, it was all in vain as a vehicle crashes into the Altima at the 39 second mark.

A number of close calls ensue and one driver narrowly avoided the crashed cars, only to end up losing control and crashing further down the freeway. The process repeats itself over and over again as there are more close calls and eventual collisions.

Emergency crews eventually arrived on the scene, but not before a total of six vehicles were involved in the crash. Thankfully, most of the drivers appeared to have escaped unharmed as only two people were taken to the hospital. Their condition remains unknown, but hopefully their injuries were minor.

While it remains unclear if anything could have been done to prevent the other accidents, drivers should activate their hazard lights following a collision. This might have helped in this case as the Altima’s brake lights were still working after the initial crash and they would have warned oncoming motorists.  It’s also worth noting you should never walk around a crashed vehicle on the highway as you should either get to safety or remain in your car buckled up.