Scratch Cannon makes stun Masked Singer return

Scratch Cannon has a "recently discovered regard" for 'The Masked Singer' candidates subsequent to partaking himself. 

The 40-year-old moderator passed up facilitating the main portion of season five of the show in the wake of becoming sick with Covid however made an unexpected return in Wednesday's (07.04.21) scene of the big name singing challenge when the Group B candidates were joined by an all-new special case contender, The Bulldog. 

After exhibitions from The Piglet, The Black Swan, The Chameleon and The Crab, just as the new challenger, who dazzled the appointed authorities with his falsetto version of New Edition's 'Treats Girl', visitor moderator Niecy Nash dazed the board - Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong - when she uncovered there would be no vote and she, when all is said and done, would "choose who gets exposed". 

The adjudicators didn't get opportunity to make their last estimates and The Bulldog was advised to expose quickly - uncovering himself to be Nick. 

Following the stun over his disclosure, Nick honored Niecy for stepping in to take over as host. 

He said: "Above all else, let me say I committed my presentation to you since you genuinely are a sovereign, and you stepping in for me when, you know, during my affliction, during a tough time for me, and having the option to watch you do your thing incredibly and sparkle here, I really much obliged. Much thanks to you to such an extent." 

He additionally conceded proceeding as The Bulldog had made him overly anxious "to act before my kin." 

He added: "I have a recently discovered regard for the entirety of our veiled crusaders, from season one to these individuals here on this stage." 

As per Entertainment Weekly, it's currently been affirmed Nick will get back to facilitating obligations from the following week's show. 

Later in the arrangement, Rita Wilson and Chrissy Metz will join the board as visitor decided on 21 April and 5 May separately.