With "Mr. Totally Fine," Taylor Swift Got Ahead Of Her Least Original Critics

In a move we ought to most likely be utilized to at this point however clearly are not, Taylor Swift astounded us all on Wednesday by dropping one more melody totally out of nowhere. 

The melody — "Mr. Entirely Fine" — is the second already unreleased track Taylor has dropped in front of the rerecorded variant of her collection Fearless, which is coming out on Friday. 

In February, Taylor affirmed that the rerecorded adaptation of the collection would incorporate six tracks ~from the vault~ that she'd composed during the creation of Fearless however hadn't made it onto the record. 

"I've chosen I need you to have the entire story," Taylor wrote in her declaration. "See the whole striking picture, and let you into the whole dreamscape that is my Fearless collection." 

The actual melody is both a confirmed bop and furthermore regular of Fearless-period Taylor's most horrendous side, loaded with super-individual insults from a kid who broke her 18-year-old heart. 

Virtuoso/Via genius.com 

Furthermore, obviously, in evident 2008 design, when the tune dropped, fans mixed to sort out which popular face or public relationship may have been referred to in its verses. 

The overall agreement immediately turned into that "Mr. Totally Fine" alludes to as a matter of fact Joe Jonas, with whom Taylor had a lovely open separation back in 2008 — and, obviously, the decade-old dramatization stood out as truly newsworthy. 

It ends up "Mr. Totally Fine" contains some lovely intriguing expressive equals with "Everlastingly and Always" and references a man who immediately proceeded onward to another relationship, which was a disputed matter in the Jaylor 1.0 separation. 


During a notorious appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Nov. 11, 2008, a then-18-year-old Taylor discussed the new downfall of her relationship with Joe, claiming that he had said a final farewell to her during a call that endured 27 seconds. 

In a similar meeting, she uncovered that "Eternity and Always," which showed up on Fearless, was about him. 

Obviously, this is all theory, and it could possibly be that "Mr. Entirely Fine" isn't about Joe Jonas by any means. We don't have the foggiest idea when precisely the tune was composed, yet Taylor and Joe just a brief time prior to separating that October — not exactly a month prior Fearless was delivered. As per a 2008 meeting with the Los Angeles Times, "Everlastingly and Always" was composed so late in the collection making measure that Taylor needed to argue for it to be remembered for the record the day preceding it was concluded. 

At last, however, it doesn't actually matter who the melody is ~actually~ about. That Ellen meet was the nearest we at any point came to affirmation of the motivation behind any of the melodies on Fearless. Thus, after 13 years, Joe is as yet being subsidiary with the music Taylor made when she was 18. 

"Mr. Completely Fine" may be about Joe Jonas. It may not. In any case, what makes a difference is that individuals trust it is. 

Its a well known fact that throughout her last couple of collections — and in the previous year particularly — Taylor has made a cognizant stride back from the dramatization that tormented the start of her vocation. 

Regardless of whether it was basically an aftereffect of development, her drawn out relationship, or the whole world betraying her and her persona, Taylor has rebranded. 

From various perspectives, 2017's Reputation was the start of the total commotion of Taylor's persona, and it's just proceeded from that point forward. Her 2020 collections, Folklore and Evermore, were her most un-self-portraying ever, with Taylor deciding to draw from the encounters of anecdotal characters and manufacture new ones altogether in her songwriting instead of putting her own most close to home minutes on a platter for public utilization. 

"There was a point I got to as an essayist who just composed very diaristic tunes, that I felt it was impractical for my future pushing ahead," she disclosed to Zane Lowe in an Apple Music meet around the arrival of Evermore. "It seemed like excessively hot of a magnifying lens. On my awful days, I would feel like I was stacking a gun of misleading content, when that is not what I need for my life." 

It makes sense, at that point, that returning to past periods while rerecording and delivering her initial five collections could represent a problem for the New Taylor™. 

At this point, we as a whole realize Taylor's question with Big Machine Records over her lord chronicles is the explanation she's going through this rerecording cycle. All along, she's clarified that claiming her work has taken need over leaving her music and its related show previously. 

The strongly close to home nature of her music was something Taylor expressly referred to in her Tumblr post after Big Machine offered her lords to Scooter Braun, stating, "I needed to settle on the agonizing decision to abandon my past. Music I composed on my room floor and recordings I thought up and paid for from the cash I procured playing in bars, at that point clubs, at that point fields, at that point arenas." 

Along these lines, to recover her labor of love, Taylor is rerecording and rereleasing all that seriously close to home music, and — to keep things new and energizing for fans who have been more than acquainted with Fearless since 2008 — she's including melodies she never recently delivered. 

In doing as such, notwithstanding, she risks recentering all that individual show and welcoming her faultfinders to repeat their most seasoned, most predictable protests about her music: She just composes tunes about separations. She dates an excessive number of men. It's about the show. 

Those protests might be obsolete, yet Taylor is as yet confronting them in 2021: Just a month ago, she openly denounced Netflix show Ginny and Georgia for making what she depicted as a "lethargic and profoundly chauvinist joke" about her dating life. 

This time, however, Taylor advanced beyond the analysis. She delivered early what might be her most dramatization filled tune from the vault — likely predicting that it would stand out as truly newsworthy and giving it its own second to sparkle. Rather than being annoyed by what individuals may say, she just...said it herself. 

"Life is chill, composing melodies situated in fiction to keep away from dramatization, feeling pretty adult," Taylor composed of her 2020 self in her tweet reporting the track's delivery. 

And afterward she recognized "in a troll voice" that her 2008 music conflicts with that new, chill standpoint totally. 

Furthermore, if Taylor's own affirmation weren't sufficient to subdue allegations of negligible dramatization, Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones star and spouse of exactly the same Joe Jonas who clearly enlivened "Mr. Entirely Fine") ventured up to the platform. 

Presenting a connection on the tune on her Instagram story only a couple hours after it was delivered, Sophie tried to label Taylor straightforwardly, and stated, "It's NOT a bop." 

"Perpetually twisting the knee for the 👑of the north," Taylor wrote accordingly. 

(Joe has been quiet on the matter, however his approval matters less. On the off chance that the "Drivers License" failure showed us anything, it ought to be that regardless of whether a young lady composes a melody about a kid, individuals will figure out how to transform it into a fight with another young lady.) 

Thus, incredible tweets were composed, hamburger was preemptively crushed, and exercises were granted: There doesn't generally need to be dramatization. There can simply be bops. 

By delivering "Mr. Totally Fine" only a few of days in front of Fearless (Taylor's Version), Taylor expected and shut down any abused and obsolete analysis that may occur because of her returning to her past. 

She's telling the world that she's both mindful of and snickering at the chance of tabloids endeavoring to stir up decade-old dramatization. In addition to the fact that she owns her music, however she's in on any of the belittling jokes you might need to make about it. Furthermore, you understand what that is? Development.